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Messengers Gathering – April 2014

Messenger’s Monthly Gathering – Red Bluff Park – 2014-04-21
Karen Rohn visiting from Chile presented to us her contribution on the Principle of Solidarity “When you treat others as you would like to be treated, you liberate yourself”
The entire day at the Park was a very joyful, warm and rich experience. We did also a Ceremony of Protection for two girls, Zoe and Gala and it was a very good experience for all of us. On the next day we also did a Well Being Ceremony before we left. As usual, the weekend was absolutely great!

Messengers Gathering – January 2014

Messengers Monthly Gathering – Red Bluff Park – 2014-01-18
We had a great weekend with two visitors from Chile, Rosita Ergas from Manantiales Park and her husband Roberto Bleuh from Punta de Vacas Park.
We had the opportunity to talk to Rosita about her latest book and some monographs too. We also talk about different activities happening in other Parks around the world.
We also had a joint Ceremony of well being with our friend Philip and his family in Los Angeles. It was a very moving experience for everybody