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Day of Spiritual Inspiration – July 2017

On July 15th, we shared a day of spiritual inspiration, reflecting and interchanging about the golden rule of treating others as we want to be treated, love and compassion and the gift of the asking. We also shared a nice ceremony of wellbeing for some friends that are facing difficulties. Later at night, we burned askings and messages of hope that we’ve already left on the monolith; that was a really calm and beautiful moment. At the end of the day we watched the film ‘Silo, a spiritual path’ and had a barbecue.

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Day of Spiritual Inspiration


The Day of Spiritual Inspiration is a free event that seeks to create an environment where people from all backgrounds and beliefs can come together and search the best in themselves through meditation and reflection based in Silo’s Message.

We’ll start the morning with a tour of the Park and its elements, then we’ll move into discussions and activities related to the Golden Rule that reminds us to treat others in the way that we want to be treated.

Kids activities we’ll be hosted throughout the day for families with children. Lunch will be potluck so participants are invited to bring a dish to share.

In the evening we’ll have a barbecue and an outdoor film screening of “Silo a Spiritual Path” winner of the Accolade Global Film Competition, Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award, and the Official Selection for the FOG Film Festival.

Date and time: July 15th, 1st segment 11am-1pm, 2nd segment 5pm to 9.30pm

El Día de Inspiración Espiritual busca crear un ambiente donde gente de todos los orígenes y creencias pueda reunirse y buscar lo mejor en sí mismos a través de la meditación y la reflexión basada en el Mensaje de Silo.

Comenzaremos por la mañana con un recorrido por el Parque y sus elementos, luego pasaremos a intercambios y actividades relacionadas con la Regla de Oro que nos recuerda a tratar a los demás como queremos ser tratados.

Habrá actividades para niños todo el dia. Invitamos a traer una comida para compartir en el almuerzo.

Por la noche tendremos una barbacoa y la proyección al aire libre de la película “Silo un camino espiritual” ganador de Accolade Global Film Competition, Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award, y la selección oficial para el FOG Film Festival.

Entrada libre y gratuita

Fecha y hora: 15 de Julio, primera parte 11am-1pm, segunda parte 7 pm – 9.30 pm

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Monthly Gathering – June 2017

We had a nice and quiet ceremony of the Office inside the Center of Work followed by a beautiful ceremony of well being at the fountain. We asked for Paul and Janet.

Later we had a reading and an interchange on a conversation Silo had with E. Nassar in 1993 about the characteristics of a pre-religious stage. Quite an interesting reading.

We also have a visitor from the Czech Republic, Jan Tamas and in the early evening some of us went to downtown Red Bluff to pass invitations to our Day of Inspiration to be held at the Park next Month.

Here are some photos of the weekend

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Monthly Gathering – April 2017

About 18 of us gather at the Park for the weekend. We had designated the time to clean the Park and we did indeed. Got rid of everything we had accumulated for years, deep clean of the Center of Work,  washed windows and dusted everything. It looks a lot better! We also installed a “bat motel”, a box to host bats that in turn will eat the mosquitos and work with the bees to pollinate… a very fun project!

Around noon we called Jon and Silvia in England for another beautiful wellbeing ceremony. Trudi Richards did a presentation of her book “On Wings of Intent” a biography of Silo at the Park and we all contribute with feedback since she is going to Europe on a book presentation tour in May 2017. We had a dinner around the fire and practice our ludic spirit until late.

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Monthly Gathering – March 2017

After a perfect breakfast prepared by our chef Ken we had a Wellbeing ceremony with Jon and Silvia in London. We asked for Silvia well being and we did the ceremony using facetime so it was an interactive event with much affection among us all. We discussed some issues related to the Park, mainly maintenance, activities and projects. We did a Service ceremony, had lunch and study a great material from 2003. Around 18 people participated in the gathering. Later on we talked around a fire and have dinner.

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