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Monthly Gathering – August, 2016

We got together for our monthly gathering at the Park with around 17 people. We started the day with a great breakfast prepared by Ken Dickinson and then we had a Service Ceremony. We cleaned the area of the wood kiln, got rid of the metal wood stove and fix the lights to the entrance of the main building. And for the rest of the time we divided into testing the fountain with real water, studying a material on mental suffering and finalizing the day with a Ceremony of wellbeing around the fountain. A great day and a wonderful experience! Thanks to all who made it such a special day.

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Monthly Gathering – May 2016

A day, sumptuous in every way and more, with friends at Parks of Study and Reflection – Redbluff Park, Redbluff, Ca.
with Jane and Paul T., Sinthya, Michael Quasar Cameron, Carol J Sanderson, Heidi, Fernando Aranguiz and Kathy Beck. Trudy and Walter.

Thank you all for making things and so much more grow in our beautiful park!

Above, the words of Thelma who was visiting the Park and with 11 friends, we had such a good time talking, sharing a lunch, doing a well being ceremony and studying the latest contribution from Eduardo Gozalo about his commentaries on the Inner Look.

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Spring Seasonal 2015

We had a very nice and inspirational time at the Park for the Spring Seasonal. We have representatives from 7 different countries and we enjoyed each other company, food and ceremonies. We even had the time to interchange about experiences related to Silo’s response to David Roberts letter a while ago. Another great day!

Messengers Gathering – April 2014

Messenger’s Monthly Gathering – Red Bluff Park – 2014-04-21
Karen Rohn visiting from Chile presented to us her contribution on the Principle of Solidarity “When you treat others as you would like to be treated, you liberate yourself”
The entire day at the Park was a very joyful, warm and rich experience. We did also a Ceremony of Protection for two girls, Zoe and Gala and it was a very good experience for all of us. On the next day we also did a Well Being Ceremony before we left. As usual, the weekend was absolutely great!