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Day of Spiritual Inspiration – July 2017

On July 15th, we shared a day of spiritual inspiration, reflecting and interchanging about the golden rule of treating others as we want to be treated, love and compassion and the gift of the asking. We also shared a nice ceremony of wellbeing for some friends that are facing difficulties. Later at night, we burned askings and messages of hope that we’ve already left on the monolith; that was a really calm and beautiful moment. At the end of the day we watched the film ‘Silo, a spiritual path’ and had a barbecue.

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Portal Inauguration – September 2014

Inauguration of Portal and Celebration – Red Bluff Park – 2014-09-28
We gathered on Saturday to celebrate the Seasonal and the brand new Portal at the Park. We had ceremonies and we shared experiences and food. Many people from Red Bluff participated in a wonderful atmosphere of joy and well being.

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Visitors from Mikebuda Park – August 2013

Friends visit from Mikebuda Park – Red Bluff Park – 2013-08-03
On Saturday the 3rd of August, a Messenger from Mikebuda Park in Hungary, Fanni, and her Mother, visited Red Bluff Park and we enjoyed a visit over dinner.
Then on Sunday they attended the Red Bluff Silo’s Message Meeting. This was especially nice hearing Fanni read the Ceremony of The Service in Hungarian after Paul read it in English.
It was her Mother’s first experience with the Ceremonies and was a beautiful meeting and interchange among everyone. Fanni was very happy to be at the Park and it was nice for us to hear about Mikebuda Park and her experiences. We all felt that we would see each other again some day!
Mary Shaver