February 2022 Monthly Gathering

Another wonderful experience

We gathered again for our monthly gathering 15 of us at the Park. We started with  ceremonies of Service and Wellbeing at 10 AM on Saturday connected by Zoom with other participants who couldn’t come to the Park. We have lunch outside and later we study parts of the book “The Internal Landscape”.

For the first time in years we were able to make a fire and we took full advantage of the option. We cooked some “choripan” on the open fire and dis some “smores”. We had a great time and on Sunday there was a meeting with one of the posssible bidders to do our hall. We just got the permits to start building. Our gratitude to Michael and Rocio who found and worked with the contractor until we had everything done and all of this work done during the pandemia. Thanks again!!
Sending a warm hug