June 2022 Monthly Gathering

A very special weekend

We gathered again for our monthly gathering many of us at the Park. We started with  ceremonies of Service and Wellbeing at 10 AM on Saturday connected by Zoom with other participants who couldn’t come to the Park. Immediately after we started to study a new contribution written by Jorge Pavon about Chapter III of The Inner Look, The Non-meaning.

It was a very special study, lecture and interchange that was interrupted briefly by lunch outside and continued after well into the late afternoon. The general feeling was of a great comprehension of that chapter, especially when we exchange for hours our understanding and experiences related to several questions being presented by this contribution. We agreed to continue our study next month and in our weekly Saturday meetings.  
The general tone was of a deeper understanding of this important chapter  and also a deeper reflection upon OUR personal situation in front of the challenges that this chapter presents.
Sending a warm hug