November 2022 Monthly Gathering

An important milestone

We gathered again for our monthly gathering many of us at the Park. We started with  ceremonies of Service and Well being at 10 AM.

This weekend’s monthly gathering was important because we launched our official fundraising campaign to collect funds in order to build the foundation of the Hall. 

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing well.

As you already know, our Park of Study and Reflection in Red Bluff has been an important part of our community for many years. It has provided a space for personal reflection, gatherings, and activities that have brought us together and enriched our lives.

Since 2007, people have been meeting at the park to do personal work, retreats, and workshops.  Our park has provided a meaningful space for personal study, meditation and deep interchange with others.  However, the park would not be complete without the construction of our meditation hall.

We have now arrived at the moment when this is possible!   This is precisely when we need your support. We have found the right contractor to assist with the construction of the hall and the very first step is to build a foundation.  Your financial contribution will make it possible for us to go to this next important step!

The construction of the hall’s foundation, including obtaining all necessary permits from the building department, will require 50K to complete.  There are members who have already pledged $1000 or more.  We know that it will take all of us to complete this project and we are grateful for any contribution you can make, no matter the size.   Your donation will go directly towards the construction of a foundation for the hall, ensuring that it remains a safe and reliable space for our community. The foundation will be built to last, providing a strong and sturdy base for the hall to continue serving our community for generations to come.

There are several ways you can contribute:

Donate using paypal:

Write a check to Pangea World Community, PO Box 460314, San Francisco, CA 94146—please include note saying check is for the Meditation Hall

For bank transfers: please email Kathy Beck at for the bank account information.

Your donation will make a real difference in helping us begin the construction of our hall—a place where all people, regardless of their beliefs, can find a sacred refuge for inner calm and reflection from these busy and challenging times.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.


Janet and the fundraising team of

The Center of Study and Reflection, Red Bluff