Recent August Visit to Red Bluff Park

Dear Friends:

We just wanted to give you an update from our recent visit to Red Bluff Park.  The intruder crisis seems to be over and the park looked really good, clean and safe.
We worked on several projects. Power washed the fountain, primed it and re-painted it, so now it is one uniform color including the base and looks really good. When you approach from the Monolith in the early morning it has a very mystical feeling about it.  We also added in a new bench at the fountain and made sure the water was flowing and the runoff was working well. We have plans to add in two or three more benches in the near future.
We weed whacked a lot of the park, particularly around the trees and cleaned the areas around the monolith, portal and fountain as well as the common areas around the Multi-User room and the surrounding fence. 
We did a sample test treating the suspected black mold in the bathroom with Bleach and will check in on it again during our next visit.
Someone got to the peaches before we did and cleaned out the tree but we were able to come back with a lot of delicious apples and Asian Pears. We have a tree full of Bartlett pears but they won’t be ripe for another few weeks yet.
Mike and his friend Norma came to visit us at the park and took us to a spot on Highway 36 in the evening to watch the Perseid Showers where we saw a spectacular show of shooting stars on a beautiful evening with a soft warm breeze blowing to keep us all cool.
We talked with our neighbor Lane and his experience trying to install the Hughes Net Internet service so that he could install security cameras.  Unfortunately the installer could not get a line of site on the Hughes Net satellite so they had to abandon the idea.  We do have a line of site to the satellite so we will contact Hughes net and arrange for them to come out and give us an estimate the next time we go to the park,
We called Nick at Diamond Fire to follow up on the Sprinkler Installation Estimate. Nick, it turned out was on vacation and only got back to us after we had left the park on Wednesday. We arranged that Nick will come out to the park the next time that we go up there so that he can figure out the estimate.
We wanted to encourage anyone who feels inspired to go up to the park to seize the moment as now is a great time to visit. The park is in tip top condition and you would have a really great experience there. You will not be disappointed.
Sending a warm hug
Ken, Janet and Fernando.