Seminar on Aphorisms and Direction

Saturday morning 6 friends from the communities of the Message in San Francisco and Oakland met in Parks of Study and Reflection Red Bluff Park to carry out the seminar on Aphorisms and Direction from the Manual for Messengers. Before we started the seminar we took a moment to reflect on why we had made the pilgrimage and what we hoped for in our time there. We found that although each of us superficially were in different life situations, each person’s reasons for coming resonated with the group and we felt a common thread, a common search connecting every testimony.

The rest of the day was spent clarifying that search. Each one of us took turns guiding reflections where we were asked about our most profound Aspirations in life and to see them coming to fruition. We had time to meditate on this theme in solitude, document our experiences and comprehensions in our journals, and interchange in small groups. The second part of the seminar we went creating an Aphorism (a phrase or image) that could bring us back to the Direction in life we desire and strengthen it. We closed the seminar with a ceremony of the Service on the deck outside the Center of Work and then headed to the Sacramento River just before sunset.

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